eLearning solution

We believe changing behaviour is more important
than memorising facts for a quiz at the
end of a training course.


"Message Train was great. I would recommend them again as their solutions and expertise were delivered well."

"Delivered the required content on time and on budget. Communicated progress effectively. Agile working, quick responses, patience with multiple stakeholders, cost effective solutions, smart design."

"Message Train deliver even when the lead-times are unreasonable. They provide work-arounds and alternatives."

"I enjoy the collaborative relationship with Message Train."

"Message Train worked extremely well in building relationship with stakeholders & SME's Quality of the storyboard and eLearning design was excellent and was completed in a very quick timeframe."

"Regularly provide high standard communication or progress on deliverables."

"They have the ability to convert complex policy training into modern eLearning modules. Presentation of modules was very contemporary and easy to use. We needed to create modules that could be used immediately and were also sustainable."

"They persevered until the content was right. They are friendly and personable and have a very positive attitude."

"They made a somewhat bland topic interesting."

"Unless you do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.”

~ Ronald E. Osborne ~